Rosey is such a cheat

‘You shall reap as you sow’ I said to my friend Rosey.

‘I what?' she asked ‘How can I reap the rip I’m repairing in my shirt?’

‘Not sew as in needle and cotton silly, sow as...’

Her sudden fit of giggles told me she was attempting a joke. You’d think I’d know when she’s joking by now wouldn't you? But as her one-liners are often a bit feeble I’m never quite sure and I have to tread carefully. Truth is, I once thought she was joking when she said something about a friend dying, only to discover he'd been run down by the number 126 bus.

The reason I’m telling you this is because we were playing cards at her flat and Rosey cheated. A pretty feeble cheat I have to say but cheat it was. I won’t bore you with the details but basically, she kept disguising two cards as a single one and also attempting to peep inside the envelope which held a mystery card along with the sought-after winner’s prize, a Terry's All Gold Chocolate. (What an exciting life you lead I hear you say!)

Anyway, it was all academic because just at that moment a  siren went off in the street scaring Fuzzeybutt (pussycat 1) who stopped preening herself and leapt onto the table scattering the cards all over Scruff (pussycat 2) who climbed to her feet and fled the scene.

I wonder where the chocolate went? My lips are sealed!