Rosey's cups

My friend Rosey hates it when ‘common people’ refer to a cup of tea as a 'cuppa rosey lea’. She says they are taking her name in vain.  When I pointed out that rosey lea is cockney rhyming slang for tea and therefore perfectly acceptable, she just shrugged!

She once referred to crossing the road as cupping. When I asked why, she grinned and said ‘because I runneth over!' Pretending I didn't get her joke I pointed out that the term ‘my cup runneth over is a quotation from Psalm 23:5  in the Bible and means 'I have more than enough for my needs thank you very much!  She...shrugged!

Which reminds me, she needed a new broom handle the other day (how she broke the old one, I decided not to query) She went to the hardware shop in town and bought a white one. It was a sunny day so she was wearing her sunglasses. On her way home, every time she went to cup – sorry, cross the road, the traffic stopped for her. Someone even offered to help her across to the other side. It took her a while to realise why! Bless her! 

Confession time! When was making Rosey a 'cuppa rosey lea' one afternoon, I asked what cup size she was, meaning does she usually have it it in a large cup or one of those little fancy bone china ones. Whoopsie! It must be catching!