Eye forgive you Rosey!

“When somebody loves you” said my friend Rosey, “they forgive your little mistakes”. She looked into Gareth’s eye and wiggled her index finger; he smiled and gave her a loving wink. Yes, I did say eye not eyes, because one was hidden behind a patch.

Gareth is Rosey’s new boyfriend and she brought him to meet us over a cup of cappuccino at Starbucks. The question on all our lips was ‘where did you meet?’ Well, it seems that Rosey was in the supermarket last week and a little old lady asked her if she knew where the gin was. Ever helpful, Rosey spun around, shot out her arm pointing towards what she refers to as Alcohol Avenue. Apparently Gareth was standing close behind her studying a display of reading glasses at the time, and she poked him fairly and squarely in the eye. As you know Rosey sees the funny side of every situation, and rather than apologise she'd said, whilst stifling a fit of the giggles, that she hoped they had a range of fashionable monocles! (In true Rosey fashion, whilst recounting the tale she demonstrated her arm action, and in the process stabbed a passing customer in the chest causing him to slop a stream of strawberry smoothie down his front!)

It seems, according to Rosey that it was love at first sight. At least it was for her; it was a minute or so before Gareth managed to regain any kind of sight at all! As you know it's almost impossible to get cross with Rosey because she has the ability to disarm and delight at the same time, and this was exactly what happened just then. In any case said Rosey, if they’d had an argument about it, she would soon have ‘patched it up’!

So, Rosey has a fella’ again! Gareth seems to be a nice guy. He works as an accountant which no doubt gets him the seal of approval of her father. He has a sense of humour which gets the seal of approval of us! He’s tall and, although I’m no real judge, reasonably good looking. He’s still got most of his hair and I guess his own teeth too. Whether or not we’ll see him again I don’t know; Rosey’s relationships tend to be pretty short lived. I will of course keep you informed!